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Find the plan that fits your life

Pay As You Go
$4.95/ 30min

The pay as you go plan allows you to load your account and go! Only pay for the rides you take. Rides beyond 30 min are billed $4.95/ 30 min


Monthly Pass
$25/ month. Unlimited 60 min rides

Get Unlimited 60 minute rides for one month. Rides beyond 60 min are billed $3.50/ 30 min


Celebration Pricing
Minute Pack
$25/ per 300 minutes.

$25 for a pre-paid bank of 300 minutes (that’s 5 hours, folks) that you can use for rides of any duration, over multiple rides, over any time period—days, weeks or months. When you take out a bike from a LouVelo Station, the clock starts. When you dock it back into a LouVelo Station, the clock stops. We’ll let you know how many minutes you used and how many you have left.


Auto renews to the 300 min pack.

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Student and Metro Plans