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Pay as You go

How to buy a pass

You can purchase a pay as you go pass from a kiosk or through the transit app. Follow the instructions on either platform and enter all the necessary information. Once you have set up your pay as you go pass, you will be given a one time use code to unlock a bike.


Riding more than once? Just use the kiosk or transit app to purchase more time!


Usage Fees

Billing is simple. Once you take the bike, the system will bill you $4.95 for the first thirty minutes of your ride. Once you go over the 30 minutes the system automatically bills another $4.95. You can take the bike for as long or short of a ride as you want. Just make sure that the bike is returned to the any LouVelo Station when done riding.

When you purchase a pass, a pre-authorization security deposit of $2 is charged on your card account in case you incur any additional usage fees. A lost or stolen bike fee is $1200