Additional price plans

Student plan
$7.50 monthly

A reduced monthly price for local college students with an .edu email. Bike share complements the busy lifestyle and commute patterns of students. Encourages students to live a fun, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.


Get unlimited 60 minute rides for one month.Rides beyond 60 min are billed $3.50/30min.

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Government Employee Plan
$7.50 monthly

LouVelo offers a reduced monthly price for local government workers with a .gov email address. Commuting to meetings with LouVelo is both a time saver and healthy.


Get unlimited 60-minute rides for one month. Rides beyond 60 minutes are billed $3.50/30min.

Humana Plan

Humana offers free bike share for all associates with a valid “” email address. Using LouVelo will help maintain a healthy lifestyle and is very convenient for commuting to meetings around town.


Unlimited 60-minute rides for Humana associates with an active Humana email. Rides beyond 60 minutes are billed $3.50/30mins.

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SNAP/EBT Card Plan
$5.00 Monthly

LouVelo bike share offers reduced membership pricing for community members that receive EBT/SNAP benefits. Our goal is to create equal opportunity for alternative modes of transportation.